AquaPrawnics® Standard Unit

AquaPrawnics Standard Unit

what we do

Shrimp production


We are a Fish 2.0 qualified company https://www.fish20.org/ One of our main focus areas is indoor aquaculture of clean, fresh and  sustainable saltwater shrimps and prawns. We have one of the most  experienced and world leading shrimp experts on our payroll. AquaPrawnics  is currently building its first facility in Noxon, Montana, including  hatchery and shrimp grow-out. 

AquaPrawnics in a nutshell


  Shrimp production is energy intensive. In order to cut costs, we generate our own energy from renewable biomass via pyrolysis. The by-product of that process is biochar. The waste from our shrimp operations, biochar and algae we produce is turned into an effective organic soil amendment (fertilizer), which is sold to farmers. Our utility does not produce any waste of its own.

Environmental benefits

Symbolic image: Organic soil amendment

  1. Eliminates air pollution due to burning Ag waste;
  2. Vastly reduces water pollution due to fertilizer run-off;
  3. Sequesters 8k tons Carbon per site per year;
  4. Reduces need for irrigation;
  5. Takes pressure off fisheries.

impacts on Environment and society

Eliminating CO2 emissions

Symbolic image: CO2 emission

The  AquaPrawnics facility does not produce any waste of its own. One of our Standard Units  eliminates and avoids roughly 8,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Increasing soil fertility

Symbolic image: dead soil

 Organic  matter in the soil is the root cause of all life. Without the organic  matter in the soil, life on our planet would simply not exist.  Using  our soil amendment reduces the environmentally devastating effects of mineral fertilizers.

Creating jobs in rural areas

Symbolic image: job creation

Since  our utilities need to be positioned close to the generation of biomass,  they are positioned in rural areas. These areas have often high  unemployment. Our Standard Unit provides jobs for up to 20 employees in  one location.

what our utility looks like

AquaPrawnics Standard Unit

AquaPrawnics® Standard Unit

Avereage area requirement: 10 acres

Shrimp production

Shrimp production in the large front buildings (16k sq ft). 

Output: 120,000 lbs. shrimp per year

Production of organic soil amendment

Production of organic soil amendment in the buildings back. 

Output: Up to 5,000 tons per year


The following White Papers provide a more comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the AquaPrawnics concept and its operations.

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